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Value Proposition

Amwell Ridge Wealth Management currently provides comprehensive financial planning through a disciplined approach that methodically addresses client needs.

Not only do we have access to a broad universe of solutions available in the marketplace – but we are also able to maintain our independence and work solely for our clients. We don’t have any proprietary requirements to place business with any fund family, money manager, insurance company, product provider, etc.

Our office is set up in such a way that our clients can be confident we have our finger on the pulse of their planning. As a Certified Financial Planner(TM) professional, David Johnston’s job is to analyze, educate, and make recommendations. David’s ability to communicate somewhat complex issues in an easy to understand manner is what truly sets him apart. It is also David’s job to stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast of not only what the economic climate is bringing, but also what new solutions are emerging. However, David most certainly does not do this alone – the rest of our experienced team is there to support the implementation and monitoring of your planning as well.

Our investment philosophy consists of three tenets:

  1. Manage the valleys…the peaks will come!
  2. Make sure portfolios are designed to prosper during “sailing” environments (bull markets) and withstand “rowing” environments (bear markets) – see our firm logo and this link.
  3. Combine traditional asset allocation with product diversification.

While our team of four functions as a cohesive unit, the resources we rely upon behind the scenes are extensive. As you might imagine, we have close local relationships with complimentary professionals such as accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, bankers, etc. Additionally, the broker/dealer we are affiliated with, First Allied Securities, conducts an enormous amount of due diligence over all of the offerings we are able to discuss with our clients.

We are able to provide this high level of advice and customer service right here in Flemington, New Jersey in a very personalized way. We are not trying to be a big investment bank conglomerate. In fact, we believe they like the warmth of our office, our accessibility, our responsiveness, and the boutique nature of our service.

Since we know the plans we put in place today are likely to need tweaking along the way, we install a monitoring plan that ensures we connect as frequently as you wish – whether that be quarterly, three times a year, or biannually. In short, we are proactive and highly engaged. Rest assured we believe you will appreciate our follow up and follow through skills.

Along the way, you’ll be kept in the loop with our various email communications, commentary, newsletters, and available conference calls. You’ll also be invited to our annual client events, holiday parties, and the occasional wine tasting or private movie showing.

All in all, we are confident you will enjoy the Amwell Ridge Wealth Management client experience.