Our Sailing & Rowing Strategy

Historically the market has moved through long-term bull and bear markets – periods when deep-rooted economic trends are the predominant drivers of market returns for many years, even decades. Unfortunately, no single approach to asset allocation is right for all market environments. Given these stock market cycles, it makes sense to position your portfolio to capture growth in up markets, while also providing meaningful diversification during down markets.

Not unlike navigating a boat at sea, if the market weather is favorable, you will want to take advantage of market tailwinds to “sail” toward your financial goals. Conversely, if the market is stormy, you will likely prefer to “row” closer to shore to protect your portfolio from full force of the gales.

Therefore, we help prepare your portfolio for uncertain investment “weather” by putting in place a thoughtful mix of “sailing” and “rowing” approaches based on your individual goals and the market outlook.

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