Our specialty is working with people ages 55 and older who are looking for the planning and guidance to ensure a smooth transition into – and through – their retirement.

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How We Work

Building a financial plan is like building a home – and we function as your architect and general contractor. We learn exactly what type of floor plan you desire, how you'd like the home to look and feel, and what type of memories you hope to make while living there. After collaborating with you to make sure you're comfortable with all the details, we'll draw up the blueprints, coordinate the subcontractors, and make sure the home is built exactly the way you wanted. There's another wrinkle accompanying this financial dream home – it needs to be professionally maintained, periodically updated, and always kept fresh.

We'll continue to watch over the plan, anticipate strategic changes, and guide you appropriately.

Adam K. Johnston

Director of Operations

As a founding partner and Director of Operations and Marketing of Amwell Ridge Wealth Management, Adam oversees the administrative, technological, and organizational aspects of the firm’s investment advisory and risk management...

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Billy Millington

Finance Director

Billy tracks, measures, and projects the firm's financial and operational progress. By looking at the story behind the numbers, Billy has become a trusted advisor active in our strategic, data-driven decision-making process. Billy is...

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David W. Johnston, CFP®

Managing Partner, Financial Advisor

David Johnston is the Managing Partner of Amwell Ridge Wealth Management and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. My role is twofold: For clients, I’m both architect and general contractor – I learn about...

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Jennifer Johnston

Office Manager & Events Coordinator

Jen oversees many of the day-to-day operations of our office, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, Jen coordinates all aspects of the firm's special events and speaking engagements, including public seminars....

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Karen Pollock

Client Service Manager

Karen is primarily responsible for client service matters and helps facilitate the new client onboarding and orientation process. Often functioning as a client's initial contact, Karen also coordinates meeting times and assists in the...

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Our Services

Our menu of services includes investment management, retirement income planning, financial planning, risk management, estate planning, and tax planning. 

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Our Approach

Our speciality is working with affluent individuals who are 55 and older. We’ll get to know where you are now and tailor a plan to fit your needs so you can focus on what’s important.

Our Approach

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We want to hear from you! Whatever your current life stage, we are ready to get an in-depth understanding of where you are now and where you’d like to go. Schedule a meeting. 

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